Twist Lock Capacitor

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Popular products

  • One NOS Sprague TVL 1772, 160 uF 450V, Twist Lock Can Capacitor
  • Cornell Dubilier NOS 4 Section Gold Twist Lock Capacitor 4 x 150 uF 150 Volt
  • 1x Sprague D39507 10 10 20uF 250V multi section twist lock capacitor
  • 2 250 UF 250 V Twist Lock Capacitors MC75 MC240
  • 2 250 UF 250 V Twist Lock Capacitors MC225 MC240
  • Lot Of 5 Vintage Brown Phenolic Twist Lock Capacitor Chassis Mount Plate
  • 65 NOS Electrolytic can twist lock capacitors 200 Volt 5 UF 300 350 150 MFD
  • 20uf 20uf 450V Multi Section Twist Lock Can Capacitor.
  • Lot of 10 Sprague 975 uF 40 Vdc Twist Lock Electrolytic Capacitor
  • Sprague TVL 4603.15 twist lock capacitor fully tested
  • 2 250 UF 250 V Twist Lock Capacitors MC 75 MC 240
  • 2 250 UF 250 V Twist Lock Capacitors for Citation II
  • One Sprague 1500 uF 50 Vdc Twist Lock Filter Electrolytic Capacitor
  • Cornell Dubilier 1000 MFD UF 50 WV 85C Twist Lock Capacitor
  • 2 250 UF 250 V Twist Lock Capacitors MA 230
  • One NOS Illinois Condenser Co. 80 50 uF Dual Section Twist Lock Can Capacitor
  • Vintage GE & Mallory Electrolytic Can Capacitor Twist Lock Lot of 50

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